Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My Reason for Moving To the New Place

Moving to the new place brings a big change in life. Usually, people tend make this change a good one. Perhaps, it is the only reason that many people deliberately move to the new places. But, the number of people who get an urge to relocate isn’t lesser either. Nevertheless, moving is still the big decision no matter how big is the urgency.

Described below are some personal experiences of people who had to consider urgent moving.

Busted knee
Michelle DeJean from Houston says, “I, as a performer, was having a luxurious and glamorous life. But I had to undergo 3 knee surgeries, after which I wasn’t able to resume my work. Following that decision, I had to spend many stressful days while living there.  Then I made a crazy decision about moving into a sailboat where I spent one year. That decision did well to me as it developed clarity in mind. I came back and met the man who is now my husband. My life is good and I thank myself for making that decision about moving after the surgery.”

Fierce earthquakes forced me to move
Maria Vizzi from New York says, “The city I grew up in is New York but my work requirements demanded me to move to West Hills, CA. Even though I had the idea that my house lies in the fault line region, I didn’t pay much attention in this aspect. After five months of moving to that place, the earthquake happened. I and my husband were sleeping when we felt the shocks. The sound was scary, like a train roaring nearby. The reason I got more scared was that I never have been in an earthquake. Although, it was just 3.7 on scale, I and my husband decided to move to a safer place. We sold the home and moved to East Hills. I still remember the times after the earthquake when I wished about going back to New York at whatever the cost.”

Unexpected call to serve royalty
Christopher Warden from Rabat, Morocco shares his experience of moving to Morocco. He says, “I lived in New York, working as working as a personal trainer. One day, I got a call in which I was offered to work as holistic health trainer for a member of royal family of Morocco. Moving along with my family was a hard decision at that time. But then i made up my mind to take my family there, thinking of moving to a new place in a world as a result of one year contract. Now, I live here in Morocco and it’s been 6 years since I have moved here.”

Didn’t feel safe in the old place
“I love the way city looks and sounds,” Says Timothy Trudeau from El Cajon, “But when I saw one of my neighbors getting stabbed in front of me, I decided to rent a home far away from the place. The place where I rented a home was a country side attached to the metropolitan area I was living in. I got some cheap moving boxes, packed my items and moved to the house where I live in now. Now I love the country side and I sometimes get surprised that how one event can change your perspectives about life.”

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